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strategy for u.s. troops. late last night nato agreed to take over both the no-fly zone and the air war within days. on the ground, western air strikes have helped rebels recapture several town on the coast. the front lines now appear centered on sert, a town 225 miles from tripoli. joining me now, former ambassador to the u.s. who resigned in the wake of the libyan uprising. sir, it's good to have you with us. >> good morning. >> what are you hearing from the opposition forces on the ground? i know you are in contact with some of the rebel leadership about this push towards tripoli. >> what i think moving with confidence toward them and the resistance from the gadhafi regime is not a strong one. this morning there was some battles but not very heavy ones going on. and i think the people have confidence now, and thank you very much to the united states and the alliance who make the job of these people who are desperate to gain some freedom or some democracy. >> what do you think about the fact that u.s. forces are now pulling back? obviously the u.s. had been in the lead, pounded this c
's this called? "the daily rundown." >> what are you doing, willie? >> he's wrapping us. >> hey, is chuck todd going to be on today? >> no, no chuck. >> i may even watch. >> if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's time for "morning joe" but right now it's time for "the weekly walker" or what is it? "the daily rundown" with willie geist. >>> a cruise missile strikes gadhafi's libyan compound in tripoli. gadhafi vows it will be a long war, so is he right? the success so far in the air over libya, come tough questions on the ground in washington. how long will the fighting last and when it's over, will gadhafi be gone? >> i don't have an exact date in mind and i don't have -- i haven't been given a date by the president where u.s. military participation here would end. >>> plus, a troubling turn in japan. workers are pulled from the crippled reactor complex after smoke is seen rising from two of the reactors overnight. how big a setback is this? >>> it's monday, march 21st, 2011. i'm willie geist. chuck and savannah are traveling with the president in south america. we will hear from them
with his reasoning on both sides. i learned that mike barnicle has creave uses for the mini bar at his hotel. >> i love it. and the great peggy noonan, what did you learn? >> i got the impression that mark cuban might come to new york and become involved with the mets, which would be a very interesting thing. >> that would be fun if baseball let him in. >> mika, is chuck todd on today? >> is chuck back, chris, i think he might be. >> okay. i've got to go to the airport. willie, if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." stick around for "the daily rundown" with chuck and savannah. >>> over to you. the u.s., it's giving up the lead in libya in a matter of days. one problem -- so far, there's no one to hand command to. can the u.s. get allies organized on the president's timeline? >>> japan's radiation fears. a run on water and basic supplies in tokyo and at the crippled nuclear plant, workers sent to the hospital from exposure to beta rays. >>> and washington, we have a problem. the strange case of two ssenger jets forc to lan on ei oat d.c. mor rpt when no on
to washington. what u.s. health officials say about the risk to the population here. >>> plus, a budget deal resurrects. with eight days to go, lawmakers may have found the magic number. but have they found the votes? good morning, everyone, it's thursday, march 31st, 2011. i'm savannah guthrie. and i guess it's going to snow? what? >> i'm chuck todd. it's opening day, though. it's opening day, can't you feel it? couldn't you tell it was opening day baseball -- >> when i was shoveling? >> no. >> spring is in the air. a little depressing. >>> also this morning, our interview, the exclusive for this hour, of an interview with donald trump. he's eyeing 2012, or apparently, just simply wants to talk about being a birther. we'll ask him both of those questions and more. let's get to the rundown. we'll begin in libya and a critical decision coming from the president. how far will the u.s. go to help rebels knock moammar gadhafi out of power? here's what we've learned. the president has issued a secret finding authorizing a plan for covert action, including a plan, potentially, to arm the oppositio
for fitting us in. >>> and more on the disaster in japan straight ahead on "the daily rundown" with chuck and savannah, right now. >>> overnight, japan is reeling after the largest earthquake in its recorded history. it now pushes a tsunami across its shores and reports of several hundred are killed as the water sweeps away ships, vehicles, buildings, sparking fires, devastating coastal communities, and even threatening some nuclear plants over there. meanwhile, on this side of the pacific, waves are blanketing things, it's hitting hawaii this past hour and the west coast is now bracing for an impact later this morning. we have live reports. and we're going to hear from fema director right here ondale rundo daily rundown. >> let's get to the rundown. we will start with the breaking news out of japan. a catastrophic 8.9 earthquake in japan today. the largest earthquake in japan's recorded history. the latest death poll, the ap is reporting japanese police saying 200 to 300 bodies have been found in the northeastern coastal area. the quake sent tsunami waves barreling across the pacific, co
consider asking for outside help but would the u.s. answer the call? as american warships head to the region just what is the u.s. military willing to offer? >>> oil futures rise above $100 a barrel a day after the dow slumped 1.5%. we'll check where the market is headed before the opening bell today. >>> and flip-flop already? or just a communications mix-up. we'll get to the bottom of newt announcing for president thursday debacle. chuck has the back story. good morning. wednesday, march 2nd, 2011. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. amazing what making sure you have two sources do and can keep you out of trouble. we'll get more into that. all of that plus does michael huckabee think president obama grew up in kenya and will the beloved "the daily rundown" moth pad get a tablet today. let's get to the rundown. moammar gadhafi is vowing to fight to the last man as he ramps up efforts to hold onto his country in the face of a growing rebellion. pierce battles in the east and west. the libyan air force is bombing rebel territory sending forces to an oil base in the eastern
>> and the french gave us the statue of liberty. >> i also learned that willie geist is a bender. he left at about 8:00 and he's over there. but anyway, it's time for "morning joe," but right now it's time for the morning rundown with the aforementioned willie geist. >> thank you, michael, this morning, the u.s. military confirms an f-15 fighter jet has crashed in libya, but the pentagon says it was not shot down. we'll have the latest on the fate of the crew. >> plus. >> let me emphasize that this operation will take place in a matter of days, not a matter of weeks. >> it's still unclear who will take charge. in japan, set back and progress, as the crippled reactor's spent fuel rods -- officials say they can't turn on the juice just yet. it's tuesday march 22, i'm willie geist. also this morning with the first republican debate, a little over a month away, if you can believe it, finally at least one major gop candidate looks ready to run. let's get to the rundown. >>> we begin in libya where a united states f-15 fighter jet crashed today while carrying out its mission in benghaz
are in libya in the first place. he argued the u.s. had a responsibility to act in order to stop gadhafi from killing his own people, and the president took on critics who say the u.s. has no business getting involved. >> given the costs and risks of intervention, we must always measure our interest against the need for action. but that cannot be an argument for never acting on behalf of what's right. to brush aside america's responsibility as a leader and our to our fellow human beings under such circumstances would have been a betrayal of who we are. >> but some insist the fundamental questions are still unanswered. house speaker boehner i still habit explained what success in libya will look like. while the president reiterated he wants gadhafi gone, he said that's not part of the mission. >> if we tried to overthrow gadhafi by force, our coalition would splinter. we would likely have to put u.s. troops on the ground to accomplish that mission. or risk killing many civilians in the air. to be blunt, we went down that road in iraq. >> savannah, the speech was necessarily, had to give it. re
. >>> straining relations slightly. the u.s. government tells americans in japan to move back from their reactor four times further than what the japanese government is advising its own population. >>> meanwhile, in the middle east, on libyan tv just reported that gadhafi's punishing offensive has reached the outskirts of bengahzi. today the united nation votes on a no-fly zone and a broader range of options including possible air strikes. our guest this morning general wesley clark. >>> i'm chuck todd, savannah is on assignment. happy st. patrick's day. speaking out about his unwavering support of nuclear power. >>> president obama is under fire for sticking to his schedule and policies in the face of alarming world events. is he showinged amirable discipline or looking like a failure of leadership? let's get to the rundown and start in japan. we begin with the death toll from last week's earth earthquake and tsunami is now stands at 5,429. nearly 10,000 are missing. president obama last night spoke to the japanese prime minister to express his condolences and getten ean update on the nucle cr
for barack obama this morning. maybe for some business students behind us. you may be able to get a job soon. yea! go, usa! if it is way too early, what time is it? >> "morning joe." jack, great to have you with us. stick around for "daily rundown." >> the numbers are good. the unemployment rate drops to the lowest level in nearly two years. first reaction from the white house coming up. the president's chief economist will join us live. plus -- >> let me just be very unambiguous about this. colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. >> for the first time on camera, president obama says gadhafi must go but won't say what the u.s. is willing to do to make that happen. plus, the fbi agent who vanished in iran four years ago, new reporting from andrea mitchell this morning on why the u.s. believes he may still be alive. good morning, everyone. friday, march 4, 2011. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm chuck todd. it is just a busy, busy day. also 1,500 state workers in wisconsin could get pink slips today. newt gingrich dipped his toe, it is officially called testing the waters, by annou
>> what have you learned? >> that's what i learned. >> let's thank jen. has worked with us for so long. >> she's going to the bright side. >> came into our office a couple of weeks ago. it was very moving. she said, hey, listen, we think your show sucks, we want to move on. >> actually, she just didn't want to be on the overnight shift anymore and there is no one that understands that more than me. >> jen, congratulations. if it's way too early, what time is it? >> time for "morning joe," but now, chuck and savannah. >>> in japan, teams head back into the crippled nuclear plant after a radiation surge forced the 50 workers out. a slow moving nightmare. >>> flash point in bahrain. at least six people dead after riot police drive out protesters. saudi troops are on the ground and now, the iranians are speaking out. >>> and a budget passes the house, but a possibility of a government shutdown actually really looms now. i know we've said it before, but we mean it this time. savannah is on assignment. let's get to the rundown. we're going to begin in japan where workers are in a desper
for us the president convening his national security team at the white house today, topic number one, the u.s. response the situation in libya amidst growing pressure from some in congress and some around the world to take tougher action, no decisions are expected to made at this meeting and all eyes are on nato's week to see if the allies can get together. gadhafi's forces appear to be gaining some advantage. the opposition group losing ground and there are also reports today suggesting that gadhafi may be reaching out the other leaders in the region. let's get the latest from stephanie gosk in the region. >> reporter: this is a strange report and we're getting mixed messages here. the wires are saying that a falcon jerkts a libyan falcon jet owned by gadhafi carrying the head of logistics and supply from his government has landed in egypt to give the egyptian leaders a message. we don't have any confirmation. in fact we were told there was no jet that landed on egyptian soil, but, you know, it really defies what has happened earlier today on state tv where gadhafi came on televisio
, and the u.s. has had to move warships back. >>> meanwhile meltdown fears. a third reactor is losing its cooling capacity. officials say even under the best scenario, this isn't going to end any time soon. it's monday, march 14th, 2011. i'm chuck todd. savannah is on assignment. >>> also this morning, libya, gadhafi's troops tighten their grip renewing calls for a no-fly zone from some rebels. we'll talk to the pentagon's press secretary on the latest on that. >>> then there's politics. another short-term budget deal. 2012ers are target to act more like candidates and the sound bite now heard around the country. let's get to the rundown and we're going to start in japan and the latest on the tragedy there. the prime minister is calling it the country's worst crisis since world war ii. officials are still grappling with the size and scope of the damage left by last week's earthquake and tsunami. at least 10,000 are dead, 15,000 are still missing. bodies that were swept out to sea in the tsunami are now washing ashore. entire villages have been destroyed, now covered in piles of debris. me
notice. this is clearly a violation. >> nbc's john yang is live for us at madison where the state assembly takes up the bill at 11:00 this morning, presumably because it has already passed something like this, there's not a lot of suspense there. >> reporter: that's right. the republicans have a much larger majority in the sta state -- in the assembly, savannah, than they do in the senate. this morning's headline tells the story. capitol shocker. this move took everyone by surprise. the republicans used a little used and very unusual parliamentary maneuver to strip out the spending portions of the bill, the things that made it a fiscal bill, the things that require a 20 member quorum in the senate, and this required a smaller quorum to the measure just including the collective bargaining rights. they quickly passed it, stripped it out on the conference committee, passed it on the senate and now goes to the state assembly. the reaction was quick. protesters flocked to the capitol, found open doors, open windows, spilled into the capitol. thousands of them chanting shame, as the vot
frankly, could determine control of the u.s. congress. tell us more about it. >> the redistricting, it starts with the dates not being known for the redistricting until june of 2012, a week or two before the filing deadline. so no matter what, candidates until june two 2012 won't know what districts they're running in. >> this is june 2012. >> they won't even know the districts until june 2012. and filing is june 1. so it's june 18, 2012 is the filing deadline. the districts will be drawn beginning of june. but i think the challenge is going to be for candidates, what kind district, what's the state going to look like politically. at every level. so those challenges to the redistricting amendment will be central to what kind of state candidates are running in up and down the ballot. fftshe pesal aldistricts, the more chance of driving out turnout in the state. >> david is right in terms of the certainly in terms of the calendar. but just keep in mind that there is precedent for the minority party in the house, in senate in florida. they can actually petition the federal government,
daily rundown" with chuck and savannah. >>> two u.s. airmen shot and killed in germany, two others wounded. was this attack a case of islamic terrorism? the gunman appears in german court today. >>> the afghanistan morass or mess? >>> a taliban massacre caught on tape. >>> and defense secretary gates warning about future wars like this one, we talk to pentagon spokesman jeff morale about all of it. a "wall street journal" poll may surprise republicans. most people think government should do more, not less. i'm chuck todd, savannah a busy day. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. also this morning, president obama accused of a where's waldo presidency. we'll talk to the writer who penned that memorable phrase. >>> the supreme court decision that shows free speech is not cheap. even the most offensive kind of rhetoric is protected by the constitution. we'll dive into that decision coming up. >>> but let answer get to the rundown, libya is looking more and more like a civil war there. gadhafi is weakened but holding on and trying to retake the country's oil-rich areas in t
the coast to force an arms embargo. jim maceda is live in tripoli, what can you tell us about the latest air strikes on gadhafi's forces around misrata? >> reporter: hi there, willie, that's right, there are now more and more of these air strikes happening in that part of the country, which is much closer to us, miss rat rata about 100 milt of tripoli, there's an indication in place than it was a couple days a go. we are hearing reports, not directly from misrata, from others in misrata, calling relatives outside and then we're picking up information from that, suggesting that there are now, has been a series of air attacks, assaults, bombings, on to the pro-gadhafi forces, and that includes tanks, it includes snipers. it includes obviously troops, mortar rounds -- mortar -- mortar men, and they are still in the -- in the outskirts of misrata and have been doing that every day, penetrating to the center, fighting, intensively, often nine, ten, yesterday, in fact, 40 killed, and then pulling back. trying to squeeze at the same time as they attack misrata, trying to squeeze the city. they've c
the dream but give us the inv e invocati invocation. >> this is how i envision walking talking to you. i saw you the other night up on stage. i like your legs. besides that, you got some talent. >> oh, my god! >> you got it down. >> you actually don't have any idea. >> i learned that bradley's done a very good job with sir michael tyson through the -- and i think he enjoyed that more than de niro. >> what did you learn, mika? >> libya has declared a cease-fire. on t"the daily rundown." >>> radiation found miles from the nuclear plant as japanese official try everything to contain the fallout but the japanese government acknowledging today it is overwhelmed and asks the u.s. for its help. >>> the u.n. votes to allow military action on libya authorizing all necessary measures to stop gadhafi's forces. strikes can start as early as today. >>> but we have breaking news just ahead on a move by libya to forestall any and all attack. >>> plus, running out of patience. congress once again avoids a shutdown but not for long. how long can congress go without a long-term budget deal? >>> hi, everyb
and other enemy forces use to launch attacks against american troops inside afghanistan. but almost just as important, the kind of threat they pose to the stability of pakistan. in fact, savannah and chuck, there are some in the military now saying that we fight the war in afghanistan to ensure stability in pakistan. >> wow, there you go. at the pentagon for us for some sobering news and analysis this morning. thanks very much. >> you bet. >>> the white house seems to be backing defense secretary robert gates, arguing that the risks of imposing a no-fly zone in libya would likely outweigh any benefits but that hasn't stopped members of congress from both parties talking about it. >> the last thing we want to think about is any kind of military intervention. and i don't consider it a fly zone stepping over that line. i would only consider its implementation if gadhafi himself were using it as a means of terror, as a means of massacring large numbers of civilians. >> lots of people throw around phrases of no-fly zone and they talk about it as though it's just a game on a video game or some
on two plans and reject them both. ken strickland covers the senate for nbc news and joins us now. ken, i'm told, though, this is actually very important to watch these votes go down to see who votes on which plan from the other party, that that's what we learned today. >> you're right, chuck. there really is no suspense. these are two votes -- we don't even have the exact timing of when these votes are going to be. it could be 3:00 in the afternoon or 3:00 in the morning on the next day. there's a gop deal that cuts $61 million in spending from the current levels. this passed by the house. the senate democrats will offer a bill that they say cuts about $6 billion in spending. both are expected to fail, they need 60 votes. the suspense is candidate party leaders keep their moderates in line. there's some concern democrats might lose some moderates who want to vote for the republican plan and vice versa. joe manchin from west virginia will give a speech later today where he says he's going to vote against both of them. he says both of them are partisan and unrealistic. then he's going to c
eventually come in the form of weapons, shipments from the u.s. speaking to brian williams, president obama said arming the rebels is a possibility. >> i am not ruling it out but i'm also not ruling it in. we are still making an assessment partly about what gadhafi's forces are going to be doing. we are not taking anything off the table at this point. >> the president said that no matter what options the u.s. pursues, it should not be seen as a president for action in countries like yemen or sear qua. >> i think it is important not to take this particular situation and then try to project some sort of obama doctrine ta doctrine that we are going to apply in a cookie-cutter fashion across the board. each country in this region is different. our principles remain the same. >> new polls show u.s. action in libya is not going over with the american public. quinnipiac found that 47% oppose america's involvement there and 41% support it. nearly three quarters of americans fear the u.s. will get drawn into a long-term conflict. msnbc's jim maceda is live for us on the phone from tripoli. jim, it s
americans traveling to japan. what about u.s. citizens in japan? what are they being told to do? >> yeah, really interesting because i was outside the embassy for about an hour today and the three families came out. all three of them said to me, chuck, that they are considering leaving the country. one husband and wife, they've 3-year-old and 5-month-old twins, they were getting the twins passports. he put it to me in a really interesting way. he said i feel like when i know we have to leave, it's too late. we have waited too long to make that decision. now, the wife of an embassy employee told me that they had just had a meeting, and i got this confirmed with the public affairs office there, they had just had a meeting, the dependents and employees of the u.s. embassy with the ambassador who told them that they are monitoring the situation closely but that they should listen to the japanese officials, that they should trust their guidance. i can tell you having talked to some of these americans, they are not so sure that they are willing to put their lives and their family's lives in th
to push back rebels. meanwhile, the military option for the u.s. government is on the table as forces move closer. >>> the midwest now braces for more flooding a day after heavy rains and at least nine tornadoes ripped through states from kentucky to pennsylvania. ohio valley and the midwest getting hit hard. it's tuesday, march 1st, in like a lion. >> it is. >> i'm chuck todd. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie. darrell issa is investigating his own spokesman. we'll get into that. and i love the way you put this. >> he'll subpoena anybody. >> on a media bender as chuck likes to say. charlie sheen keeps on talking. here he is with jeff rossen. we'll get the latest on that interview. let's begin in libya and fiercest fighting yet reported overnight in the rebel controlled cities. libyan troops and african mercenaries attacked with tanks and anti-aircraft guns but failed in attempts to retake those cities both less than 150 miles from the capital of tripoli. jim, good morning. >> reporter: well for the first time since we arrived in tripoli last saturday we're now hearing very intermitten
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